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  • Are all of the toys safe?
    Yes, everything that is sold under the toys section, is perfectly suitable to use in your rats cage, unless it is specifically listed as a Hamster Toy as these are a lot smaller. The Hamster toys are made very clear with the titles, a tag on the image and the product description. Please be sure to read the descriptions to make sure. All of our items are non toxic and have been stored in a clean and sanitary environment. We would however recommend that you remove the toys from the cage, when they have been well loved and well used.
  • Why is my toy a bit different to the picture?
    All of our toys are handmade, therefore many of the toys will have some slight differences in appearance. This won't be as significant as different colour beads etc, but it may be that the cardboard or shredded paper varies in colour and texture. This is because we strongly favour recycling materials and will use a variety of different card and paper for our foraging toys. We also feel that this makes the toys more exciting for the rats, as each time will be a little bit different.
  • Are the toys suitable for my other small animals?
    Most of our toys are transferable in terms of which animals can enjoy them. Many of our toys would even be loved by a Parrot or Cockatoo! However, the items that contain food have been created with rats in mind. Please read the product descriptions to see the ingredients before purchasing, to make sure that they are suitable for your pets.
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