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Receive £20 worth of wonderful goodies for your mischeifs, every month, for just £15!


The subscription boxes are a combination of rat treats and rat toys. The items change every month and will be a combination of natural and colourful items.


I am not able to take requests for the subscription boxes, if you would like something specific, i.e theme or colour, please contact me directly for alternative options.


Subscription boxes are shipped on the first weekend of the month.


Subscription box places are limited and will be out of stock when I have reached maximum capacity.


Subscription boxes may on occasion contain nuts, If you have a nut allergy, please contact me directly and we can explore a different option for you.


Subscription boxes are ordered the month before. For example, if you order your first box on 01/01/2024 - you will receive your first box in February. This is so that I can order the materials and build the items in advance.


Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

Monthly Subscription box

Price Options
Subscription box
£15.00every month until canceled

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